2021 State Singles Elimination

Upper and Lower South East Elimination Competition
for State Singles

Bowls, Bowls, and more Bowls! Sunday 10th January the qualifying rounds for the Men’s and Women’s State Singles, originally programmed to be played at Naracoorte B.C. but due to the heat policy the game was changed to Millicent B.C. the first time ever we had perfect conditions (tongue in cheek). The region stretches from Keith in the North to Port Mac Donnell in the south taking in 17 towns in total. The Women’s section was only 4 players with 3 games. Some very tight games overall but Belinda Pepper from Bordertown B.C. eventually came out the top qualifier and now will make her way to Murray Bridge B.C. on the 24th January for the next qualifying round. All the best to Belinda. The Men had 2 sections involving 8 players also only needing 1 qualifier. Excellent bowling on all rinks. Finally at the end of the third round Adam Wilson won his section with 3 wins and Ian Williams and Andy Grant had 2 wins each in their section which meant a couple of count backs and eventually Andy winning the section. Due to the tight schedule of bowls at the moment it was decided that Adam and Andy would continue to play the next round. This started fiercely with Adam getting away but as normal Andy started to gain on his lead and finally they were shot for shot, finally at 20 all the last end saw Adam holding shot then Andy had the shot of the day and took Adam’s bowl out and stayed for shot winning 21 to 20. Excellent bowls by both. Andy will now make his way to Oakbank B.C. on the 24th January. All the best to both our qualifying members. I would like to thank Millicent B.C. for the use of their club and facilities on short notice for this day. Also a big thanks to the club members who carried out the work in the kitchen, the greens and the bar.

Kathy Brooks and Steve Carnellor (Events Managers)